We design and manufacture various types of home-cleaning brushes and vehicle brushes. We supply differentiated products designed to meet our customers’ specific needs, such as:

      - Automobile brushes

      - Cleaning brushes

      - Car- wash set

      - Heavy-duty quick-release extending poles

         for home-cleaning, vehicles, trucks, vans, boats, etc.

  • We also have OEM and ODM services for our customers.

  • We have the top-notch technology in brush hair-planting and we are very well equipped. also, we have a professional staff inventing and designing products.

Taiwan Brush’s adage in manufacturing brush products is:

  • “We always believe in professionalism and continuously develop better quality.” also “we are fast delivery, high-quality control, and, of course,

    a highly competitive price”.

If you need any more information about our products, please visit our

website at www.twbrush.com or contact us by e-mail at twbrush@twbrush.com.

CNC 5 axies Planting machine

Muti-purpose equipment: bristle Trim, flagged

Plastic injection machine

Round shape trim machine for
 bowl head and dish brush

Semi auto machine for Al. pole job

Tension and pull out test machine,
for bristle tight QC test.

Air pressure leak test equipment